Scott Fischer’s brain is like a vast musical amusement park and he wants to take us all on a thrilling ride. Fischer’s Flicker is the latest brainchild of Fischer and marks the next step in a musical evolution that began over 15 years ago. While Fischer’s Flicker’s debut album, “Katmandon’t” is certainly more “mature” sounding than Fischer’s previous efforts, containing none of his trademark humorous rock tunes, it stays true to the core of Fischer’s music with big melodies and ambitious composition. This, coupled with live performances that include extravagant and imaginative video installations that sync up with the band’s live performance, will make you want to jump right back in line for another ride.

Scott Fischer, a Chicago native, has been writing and performing music since he was a teenager. In 1994, he founded Deja Voo Doo and, in 1998, released “Carpe P.M.: Honor Comes Only After Humility”, a highly ambitious concept album whose success led to Fischer’s involvement in Zappening 2000 (a tribute festival to Frank Zappa). It was during the shows to support the release of “Carpe P.M.” that Fischer began to develop and refine the multi-media aspects of his live shows including custom-designed “living TV heads” that sync up to the band’s live performance. After several years of writing and performing, Deja Voo Doo evolved into Powderhouse and then into Babaganoo. After a hiatus, during which Fischer honed his skills while touring on the corporate/cover band circuit which included a stint in The Virgin Islands and large profile shows at Summerfest and Vince Lombardi Awards, Fischer returned to his passion for original composition and formed Fischer’s Flicker. The band is comprised of Deja Voo Doo alumni including Mario Licciardi and Tim Kubiak on guitar, Turan Yon on bass and Tim Gavin on drums.

Fischer Flicker’s debut album, “Katmandon’t”, has been seven years in the making and, in addition to Flicker’s core members, includes guest performances by an impressive roster of Chicago musicians. It marks his 4th release to-date and it was recorded at Tracked Under Foot, Xanadu, and Ebb and Flow Studios between Oct 2005 and Nov 2011. “Katmandon’t” may just be Fischer’s Magnum Opus… at least until he builds the next crazy roller coaster in his amusement park for all of us to take a ride.